New baby, new soft book!

17 Feb

I have been keen to make more soft baby books and some lovely friends of ours recently celebrated the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, so I took this opportunity to get started on another book.

Except…I discovered I didn’t actually have enough pieces of denim in the right shades and sizes and my sewing machine was complaining about lack of TLC.  So a quick facebook request and I received 2 legs of denim from Claire and 1 pair of mens jeans from Jen (and a very kind offer from the north) thank you very much ladies!  My machine as regular readers will know went off for a service and the Singer came out from the fireplace (yes – a very handy storage place and the case stops a particular little boy climbing in and getting dirty!) it performed beautifully.

Very considerately the proud parents gave their daughter the name ‘Ella’ which fits very well with the number of pages I like to work with and more importantly the number of pages my machine can handle when sewing it all together at the end.  The letters of the name are also great for easy to sew, easy to recognise objects;

I’m fairly pleased with it, especially as it’s my first proper attempt at freestyle sewing.  It was also another lesson in why I shouldn’t sew when I’m tired, it takes twice as long and I get cross – I should just go to bed and work on it fresh another day!  I do love the different shades of denim and how they feel, anyone got any more jeans ready for recycling?

Suitable for chewing, sucking, throwing even reading.  One of the other delights of these books is that they are machine washable and even improve with age.  I’ve now got another book I want to make but the child in question has an ‘n’ in the name, any ideas of something easily recognisable, easy to sew? – all suggestions gratefully received, last time I went for a ‘number nine’…

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17 thoughts on “New baby, new soft book!

  1. It’s so gorgeous Mary – Anya and two grandparents have already admired it and I can’t wait for Ella to practice chewing it :)
    Thanks to all who donated jeans for such a beautiful project
    x Ella’s mum Naomi

  2. Oh my, what a sweet gift! I love what you’ve done with the jeans – I saw them on Michele Made Me blog. Let’s see… for N you could do nappie? You’re in the UK, yes? Isn’t that what you call diapers there (forgive my ignorance if not, I’ve never been there!) Or nuts? Noodles? Wishing you good luck!

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  5. I love your soft denim books….N could be for Nanna for Banana, necklace, Night Night, nap time, nuts, nickel, newspaper (with baby’s name as a headline). Hope this helps. I love using denim in projects.

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  9. Noodles!
    It’s a fun word to say, too!
    You can’t say “noodles” and not sound happy.

  10. Beautiful idea. I have a great grandaughter due in March and she will have a big sister who is 3. I am going to try to make one for baby Paisley Nd big sister Haleigh.

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