Weekend finds

11 Jul

This weekend we made a conscious decision to take things at our own pace, so we mooched around a bit.  Actually that’s not so true but we had no commitments to be anywhere and that was a good feeling.  We were up early on Saturday morning and I got my second Sorbetto top finished, we then went for a browse around the charity shops just up the road.

Bethan had some ideas in mind for end of year gifts so we needed to find some embroidery/crochet thread.  I found 2 suitable balls of red and black so we bought those.  In the next shop Tobi found something that he wanted..

Can you guess what it is?

An old dry cleaning box including the record box which seems to date back to 1974.  It’s quite cool, not sure what we’ll use it for, probably a prop for photo shoots and craft fairs!

I think Tobi was inspired by his find and so we got up early on Sunday and went to the car boot sale, it starts at 6:45am we made it there for 8:15am.  It was the first time we had been so a bit of an adventure.  We weren’t looking for anything in particular, except as always I had my eye out for fabric that I might find useful!

So what did we find?

A bag of Coats crochet threads

All for £1 which was the same amount I paid the previous day for the 2 little balls in the charity shop!  We’ve been putting them to good use already, but you’ll have to wait to see how.

We keep coming across old Singer sewing machines, some are in great condition and some are rusty and need servicing.  Tobi can’t help but have a good look and a play, I don’t need another but there is something quite compelling about them!  Anyway what was more of a useful find was this:

An instruction book for a 99K Singer machine which is the model that I have and…a box of feet and bobbins (and it smells deliciously old and oily!).

So, I now have a foot hemmer, an adjustable hemmer, a binder, a ruffler and another foot which isn’t in the instruction book and looks fairly complicated!  I’ll do some research and see what I can find out!  I’m really excited but not sure when I’m going to find time to play!

Lastly you may remember a few weeks ago my excitement at winning some fabric over on the Intrepid Thread well, it arrived today.

Julie very kindly included some extras of orange fabric especially for this girl!

Can you see her delight?  She was so very excited!

and this is my new stash of Anna Maria Horners’ new line LouLouThi and the Eleni palette!

Some florals, stripes


Hugs and Kisses and this is my favourite at the moment Triflora in Lipstick.

All very delicious, so thank you so very much to Julie for this lovely package, now I need to decide what to do with it and when!

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