Teacher gifts – sneak peek

18 Jul

Have you entered my giveaway yet?  Get on over there now, it closes on Sunday but I will have another giveaway posted up before then.

Here’s a preview of something I’ve been working on over the last week, with some help from the girls in this house:

Teacher gifts...

Can you guess what I’ve been sewing? It’s something you seen here before…

Teacher gifts...

I’m really hoping that you can tell what this is, I forgot to take photo’s before wrapping them. I might just make some more just for the purpose of photographing them – would that be mad?

Have you been making end of year gifts? What is your favourite thing to make as a ‘thank you’?

My youngest daughter is in reception where she has 2 teachers and 5 teaching assistants! As I wanted to treat them all equally we have a small pile of gifts to take in (once we’re sure of the spelling of some names!). If the staff are half as tired as my children then they are in need of a summer break!

I’ll have photo’s of the finished items soon.

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3 Replies to “Teacher gifts – sneak peek

  1. Oh no, I’ve not been reading your blog for long enough to know what it is! But Mary, I’m so glad I’ve seen your post – I had completely forgotten about teacher gifts this year! Senile moment. Quick, quick, get me to the sewing machine pronto! (or I might go for some pencil biscuits, they’re genius). But there’s no way every teacher’s getting something – my son’s at secondary school: too many teachers!

  2. So glad I am in good company in the last minute gift making!
    My girls have 3 teacher and 2 TAs and son has one of each! Madness.
    Excellent choice of gifts – the pencils look great x

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