Ruby Star Wrap Along – week 7

18 Dec

Once upon a time many years ago I bought a shirt from Top Man, I loved it, yes it was a man’s shirt but it was comfy and soft and I wore it a lot.

Then I met Tobit, the man I was to marry and he liked the shirt too, so he started to wear it. Then some years later something happened, i don’t know what but it didn’t get worn so much, it didn’t really go out of fashion it being a fairly classic fabric and cut. I suspect it was worn whilst decorating by someone, as it had a few telltale paint smears on it.

But despite the relegation to a piece of decorating clothing it was never thrown away. And then, as I flicked through the pages of Ruby Star Wrapping one project jumped out at me, the Button down shirt bag. For some reason Tobit pulled the shirt out of his wardrobe the other week and asked if I wanted it, so through the wash it went and once dry I set to work on it.

The result?  A more manly bag than many of the others in this house:


I pretty much followed the pattern in the book.  I lined the bag with some new grey cotton to give the bag a bit of strength.  I didn’t use any interfacing as although the shirt has been worn alot it is still in good condition.  I used the sleeves to make handles and reversed the fabric so the faded side is on the inside.


In conclusion I am delighted with this project, I loved this shirt and it is wonderful that it has a new lease of life and can be used frequently.  It was going to be a Christmas gift for Tobit but I was too pleased with it to wait a fortnight to gift it to him!

And if you have made anything from the book now is the time to link up with Sew Mama Sew Ruby Star Wrapping Contest

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6 Replies to “Ruby Star Wrap Along – week 7

  1. Oh it looks wonderful!! This is one of my favourite projects from the book.
    I’m making one of these this week, with a very much loved shirt of the husbands too! I really hope it turns out as well as yours!

  2. can you believe I made this similar bag this summer for my nephew Lorenzo (starting kindergarten) using my father in law old short sleeve shirt!
    but I did it all by myself, I didn’t follow any pattern, and it turned out nice to me.
    I don’t know how but I’d like to show you the picture ^_^

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