Sunday Stash #8

23 Mar

Back in January I was fortunate to win a $50 gift certificate from Sew Mama Sew for the Canadian fabric store Mad About Patchwork.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that they stocked Charley Harper fabrics!  To be honest I’d be lusting after them but couldn’t justify buying them even before my fabric fast!


I’m not sure I have a favourite:

October Edibles

But I am delighted to have them in my stash and so is my 9yr old!  Maybe the Easter holidays will give us some time to plan a project for them.

Cardinal Patch

Because I’ve signed up to Fabriholics Anonymous this was all quite exciting for me, but I wanted to make sure that I didn’t spend over the $50, so browsing the site to see what else I could spend my last few dollars on I came across this:


Amy Butler, Lotus Wallflower in cherry, not sure what I’ll do with it but that doesn’t matter! I love it, I loved it when it came out but didn’t buy any, so as a treat just for me I added it to my basket, spending just under $50 and paying the postage only.

I believe that shipping from Canada to the UK is pretty expensive so to keep costs down Pam offered to send it surface mail which meant it took about 6 weeks to arrive, but it was fun, I’d put it to the back of my mind and it was a wonderful parcel to open in the middle of a fabric drought!

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11 Replies to “Sunday Stash #8

  1. Those are drool worthy fabrics and what a treat to get them on a gift certificate. I won 50 from fabricworm once and it was so fun. I think you made perfect choices!!

  2. That’s an awesome collection of fabrics! I don’t think I’d really realized there were so many Charley Harper prints – the kind of panel like ones are pretty awesome because you could patch them into something without losing any (or much) of the prints.

  3. Fab choices, I have the two bottom left ones- I think I bought them from Pam too but had them delivered to my hotel in Toronto last year. I plan to make a skirt with at least one of the prints.

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