I’ve still never seen Star Wars

23 Jan

I started this paper piecing gift at the beginning of the year knowing that it needed to be gifted today.


I do love paper piecing just one block to turn it into a cushion cover; it’s a lot of work but really satisfying.


It’s a free pattern by Vanda Chittenden and you can find it here with a vast array of other amazing patterns from the Princess Bride, Harry Potter, Dr Who, Disney and many more.  It’s available in different sizes, I opted for the 15″ one and glad I didn’t go for a smaller one, there are some small fiddly bits in there!


I used a white on white pearl bracelets prints rather than a plain white to add a bit of interest, I think the orange is Kona torch and the grey is probably steel (only small amounts needed so pulled from my scraps bin) and the background is Kona black.


I quilted around BB8 in black and then added a little bit of detail to the circles with Aurifil 1104.  I bound the cushion with more of the torch and added a zip closure to the back:


This brilliant circuit board print is from Mo Bedells line Mechanical Genius, Bethan said that her friend would love it and I thought it would complement the front well.

This is the first tick off my 1st quarter FAL list so I’ll be linking up when the time comes.

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7 Replies to “I’ve still never seen Star Wars

  1. This is is brilliant, Mary! I also haven’t seen star wars yet, not sure if I ever will! But I know some fellows who are great fans, I may have to search out those patterns…

  2. Love your cushion. The backing is a perfect choice. Never attempted EPP, definitely in the “too hard basket” so I admire your lovely Star Wars figure. What a great gift.

  3. My sons LOVE star Wars. My youngest LOVES BB8. You have done an amazing job on this cover!!

  4. It’s a really cool pattern ! Your choice of fabric, front and back, is perfect for that project. I bookmarked the pattern link since my three guys are Star Wars fans ! Thanks for participating in the 2017 FAL, visiting on behalf of the 2017 FAL cheerleading team.

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