Zakka Style sew along: The House Pouch

11 Apr

After the success of week one I was more than ready for week two and encouraged by the very lovely and talented Amy host for this week, I got my materials together and got sewing.  This project was done in fits and starts due to it being the school holidays, concentration levels were low and so was my attention to detail.  So much so that I cut the lining wrong and had to start again, sadly I only noticed once I had sewn the zipper in perfectly!

On my recycling/upcycling kick I used leftover linen from making this shirt (which had previously been a skirt!):

Easy Linen Shirt

We do live in a red brick house so it seemed quite fitting (although we don’t have a green roof).

I used crochet trimming which came in the Trimmings Tin as a Christmas present from Tobi, it’s the first bit I’ve cut into from that tin, it’s all just waiting for the right project!

The roof of the pouch was from my green scraps box, the denim I actually took out of the bin!  I’d put it there the day before when I was cutting the pieces for another project thinking that I had so much denim I didn’t need to keep scraps but it was ideal for the front door!  The buttons all came from my stash the big yellow one and large green one are both vintage – well, I have no idea of their age but the style and colouring suggest ‘old’ to me!   The lining is a red and white dot (previously seen here).

Zakka Style - House Pouch

Aside from the actual sewing together of the pouch and the mishaps in cutting this was a joy to make.  I loved choosing the fabrics and playing with the layout of the ‘flowers’.  I like to machine embroidery so had a play with the flower stems and added in a few leaves on some of them, you might not be able to make out the detail from the photograph but it’s there I promise.

Back of House Pouch

So what am I going to do with this?  I don’t know yet but I think I might just keep it for me! Suggested use? Sewing bits and pieces, ideal to fill with ‘stuff’ for the FQ retreat. The saddest thing about this project is my youngest daughter having a little sulk/strop about it this morning asking why I only make things for me now! I guess she momentarily forgot about the quilt I’ve been slaving over for her!

Zakka Style - House Pouch

Are you tempted to join in?

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5 Replies to “Zakka Style sew along: The House Pouch

  1. Thanks for sewing along with me! It’s adorable. My kids always say that I don’t sew for them either…eye roll…please!

  2. Cute zippy – they’re great for keeping things organized in your purse – I actually carry a measuring tape/notebook/pen in one for my thrift store shopping, lol!

  3. I think that’s just lovely. I’m very inspired but unfortunately have so little sewing time that it always goes to present making (cue sad violin playing!)… I think I will put this project on my ‘one day’ list.

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