It’s Friday – phew!

13 Apr

I spent this morning basting the Oh My Stars quilt!  I’m really hoping to get it quilted this weekend.  I’m massively encouraged by Rachel over at Scrapendipity Designs who is ‘hosting’ a virtual quilt along on Sunday.  I’m hoping to be able to spend the day with my sewing machine.  It’s been a hard week with the children, my patience is exhausted and I need a break!

If the quilting is finished on Sunday than I also have a pile of fabric that needs cutting up for a quilt.  I’ve ‘signed’ up for another quilt along (really?), well I saw this post at Kelbysews about cutting into ‘precious’ fabric and I decide that now could be the time to cut into my stash of Sherbet Pips that I’ve had for almost 2 years.  My girls aren’t excited by the fabric at all so I’m planning on making a quilt for Quilts for Siblings Together.  In fact I thought I could make a ‘sibling’ for this gorgeous quilt:

Pips quilt for Siblings Together

Made by Renee at Nellie’s Niceties.  I’m not suggesting that I’ll make anything quite so spectacular but I’m hoping I’ll come up with something!  And I’ll have that stash of fabric moved on and off my ‘I can’t cut list’.

Hoping to get some photos taken over the weekend too of a little boy in new trousers.

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5 Replies to “It’s Friday – phew!

  1. So glad you’ll be joining me on Sunday!! It helps to have encouragement for sure, especially for those tedious tasks. I’ll be binding a quilt …. ugh …. Love the new inspiration quilt too!! See you Sunday! 🙂 🙂


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  3. Machine binding does take a little practice and I was scared to give it a try at first. But the key is to have a good amount of overlap to the back, which the 2.5 inch strips does well so long as you only sew down with 1/4 inch on the front. Then I pin it well and stitch it from the back. I don’t have a set amount from the edge that I do, but I just try to keep everything even. My machine quilting ends up with a square just a about 1/8 inch from the edge on the front, which I am fine with. I have seen where other are able to line the stitching right up with the edge, but that takes a lot more practice because if you run over the edge it looks weird. You can sew from the front to get this look as well, but I have found my stitching looks REALLY bad on the back when I do. So stitching from the back and a little away from the edge on the front works best for me. You should just jump in and try it. It literally cuts the binding process in half in not more!! Most of my quilts will be done this way from now on. I already started my hand stitching on my quilt and I am already regretting this decision. LOL

    Good luck!

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