KCWC days 1 and 2

10 May

Oh, we have stuff going on here which was totally unexpected, out of the blue and has thrown my plans for the week.  However I have managed to do a bit of creating, mostly as therapy and to fill time while waiting for news.

So, cut and mostly sewn yesterday and finished today, drum roll please… 2 pairs of shorts:

A fairly naff ‘after school, before bed’ quick shot in the hallway – we might have time for a photo-shoot at the weekend but this is as good as it going to get for today!  The pair on the left do fit I think, they are the same size as other pairs I’ve made for her but they do look like the need pulling up!

Tonight I’m working on some cute (I hope) pockets for pillowcase dresses.  I hemmed all the dresses yesterday so hopefully by this time tomorrow I’ll have something else to show!

Do you think I’m pushing myself to design a pattern for a halter-neck dress for my big girl and have it sewn by the end of this week?  It’s all in my head, I just need to get it out!

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