KCWC – day 3

11 May

OK, here we are day 3 and I have finished 4 pillowcase dresses that I started over a week ago using this duvet cover.  I finished hemming the dresses on Monday and last night started work on pockets.  I wanted to do something a little bit more exciting with the pockets than I’d previously done and happened to have a quick peek at other dresses in the Dress a Girl Around the World Sew-along flickr pool. I found a lovely couple of dresses with cute pockets and followed the blog link to here (hope you like joining me in my travels!) Rachel made the pockets following Rae’s tutorial here.  It’s pretty straightforward – as with all tutorials read the whole thing through before you start otherwise you might end up like me shaping the pocket long rather than wide – fortunately I had masses of fabric so just cut another one!

In the past my girls wouldn’t help out with modelling the dresses but for some reason today Leah was really keen.  So I took a lot of photo’s as she wanted to do all sorts of crazy moves!  She’s been listening to the Sneetches by Dr Seuss and so kept striking poses and saying ‘you’re the fix it up chappy’!  Here is a selection of the less crazy photo’s!

So while each dress is similar I wanted them all to be different, can you spot the difference between each one?  The pocket on the last one looks enormous, but the pockets are all the same size,  I think that really the dresses are too big for her, they are tied up as tight as they can go on the shoulder, but I’m not complaining about a helpful model!

I might be back tomorrow…

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3 Replies to “KCWC – day 3

    • Thanks, amazing what you can do with a duvet cover! Please can you email your postal address so I can get them off to you. x

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