A bag fit for a crocodile

16 Sep
For a while Leah has been asking for a handbag like this one I made for Bethan a couple of years ago. I suggested that she might like something a little different and showed her the Mini Messenger bag by Make It...
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End of an era

22 Jul
Way back in October 2007 my eldest child started preschool, my other 2 children have also attended the same wonderful preschool (although thankfully it moved to a purpose built building rather than an upstairs room in a church!). Today is...
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Sidekick Tote

25 Jun
(Winners of the gaming giveaway announced here) Trying to keep up with myself is sometimes tricky; at the end of last month I briefly mentioned something I’d made during the month suggesting that I’d share it shortly.  Whoops, it’s a few weeks...
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