Winter Stitching plans mid term review

24 Jan

Are we half way through winter?  Has it even started here in the UK?  Either way it’s time for a review of the list I made back in October spurred on by Sarah at Fairyface Designs:

1. Believe it or not it didn’t take me long to spend the gift voucher for Pink Castle Fabrics:

2. I made Bethan a cushion for her birthday:
Monaco tumbler cushion (pillow)

3. On Christmas eve I made a new seat for the dolly buggy

New buggy/stroller seat

I’m ashamed to say that the straps have already started to come off!  I guess I should have sewn them in much more securely, but to be honest I’m not sure they ever get used anyway!

4. A quilt for Leah?  I’ve joined in the Oh My Stars! quilt along and when she asked what I was sewing the other day I told her and she said ‘is it for me?’ and I told her she could have it if she likes it when it is finished…so I guess we might have success on this one!

5. The Nintendo DS bag, following further conversations with our Gamer friend I won’t be making a drawstring bag for this and have other plans, it’s on my handwritten list in my diary quite near the top.  My girls have got to grips/become obsessed with the DS over the holidays so I can see how this will be a useful thing to get done.

6. Things for men…I made some journal covers up in more masculine fabrics:

Notebook/Journal cover A5

Other than that I’ve not been too inspired.  Although Tobit has some new gadgety stuff that he said he could do with a bag for so I might just have to purchase this pattern: via Mary on Pinterest

It’s one of those things I could probably make my own pattern but time feels short enough without trying to find some peace and quiet to concentrate!  Available to buy here.

7. On my list I wrote that I would try and write a tutorial for my flower brooches.  BUT, I’ve been approached by a shop that would like to stock them so I’m rethinking what I might do.  I’m not wishing to blow my own trumpet but I think they are quite unique in their design and I sort of feel like they are a ‘signature’ piece of mine so I’m not planning to write one in the near future.  Apologies to anyone who was hoping for it!  I have however written a few other tutorials for you and have at least one more in the pipeline.

8. I got the soft books made for my new nephew and niece, there may be more to make…

9. An Etsy shop, I have plans but not so much motivation right now.

10. I made stock for the Christmas fairs, I sold a good amount but am delighted I have nothing booked in right now.

11. I’ve pinned more tutorials to my Pinterest sewing tutorials board and I did manage to make one of the things on my board:

Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

It’s a great tutorial for earphones by Erin Erikson, so I made one for Tobit for an early Christmas present one afternoon.

12. That on-line class I won…no idea when I might take it!

13. Hurrah I’m using my vintage sheets and pillowcases in the Oh My Stars! quilt so I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone!

14. It was a bit rushed and last minute but I did get the Christmas decorations made for my swap partner, you can see them here.  It was great fun and next time I promise to set myself more time!

15. I’ve used the Go! Baby again, twice in fact to make Bethan’s cushion that you’ve already seen and one for Leah that I wrote about here.  I’m planning to have a sewing day with Emily (hopefully next week) and plan to take my Go! Baby with me so that she can play make use of it too.

16. I love this whole review thing!  I didn’t know when I wrote it that Stacey at Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy would be running a year long Sewing for Boys sew along!  In fact I wrote my original Winter Stitching post the day before she announced the sew along – it was just 2 months before someone drew my attention to it!  Anyway I’ve had a first month making a t-shirt for Mathias from knits! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

Raglan Tee

I must say that having written this I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself having achieved a lot that was on my list.  I’ve not much to add to it but hopefully by the time winter is wrapped up I may have Leah wrapped up in a quilt of her own!

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  1. Fab projects Mary, love your cushion, LOVE the tshirt, love the journal cover 🙂 Thanks for linking up (and sorry its taken me so long to get round, its been manic this past couple of weeks) Sarah x

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