A goal for June – #ALYoF

At the end of April I along with Susy and Jo stitched together a pile of Wonky Cross blocks that had been made by the lovely people of instagram and flickr to make quilts for Siblings Together.  We made 3 quilt tops.

In May Susy and I made a trip to Emily’s and we quilted one of them, I took it home and stitched on the binding, I’ll share photographs of it in another post.

Susy and I both have one top each to baste, quilt and bind.  Mine has been sitting for a few weeks waiting patiently, I’ve cleaned the kitchen floor twice in preparation to baste it and neither time has it been done!

I’m not going to FQR this year but would love to be able to send a box of quilts to be handed over to Delma from Siblings Together so I really need to get this done.

So that is my goal for June, if nothing else happens this needs to be finished ready to be given to a child on the summer camps that Siblings Together run.


Photo from Jo’s IG

Feel free to nag me, follow my progress on Instagram and check back to see if I’ve met my goal at the end of June.

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ALYoF – May complete

At the beginning of the month I set out a goal to make a vintage sheet quilt top.  At that point I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do but after looking through my stash of vintage sheets it became obvious.  I had a stack of strings:

stack of strings

And a huge bag full of more offcuts:

bag of strings

Oh and there was a whole drawer full too! So I decided that the most efficient and economical thing to do would be to make a string quilt.

So within a week I had blocks that looked like this:

Vintage Sheet string blocks

Another week on and there were more (all blocks are paper pieced):

Vintage Sheet String Blocks (paper pieced)

At which point I had to decide how big to make the top and how many more blocks I needed.  I decided on a layout of 7 x 6 blocks (total 42).

Vintage sheet string quilt top

An attempt to take a photo of the finished top in the garden, it was a bit blustery and there is a large stack of bricks preventing a smooth drop:

Vintage sheet string quilt top

I’m not sure what the pirate was up to, maybe he was in awe of the beauty he saw!  But anyway the top is finished which was my aim so I’m rather delighted.  It was great to sew together, I randomly pulled strips, there was no planning of any of the blocks and minimal planning to the layout.

I’ve put some packs of strips for sale in my etsy shop so you can make your own, the listing suggests a minimum of 21 different prints in each pack but I think there must be 40 in this quilt top (I used approximately 1 1/2 packs to make this top).

Vintage sheet string quilt top

So another goal complete and there appears to be no less fabric in my stack of vintage sheet offcuts!  Now there is the small matter of basting, quilting and binding!

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Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winner

I hope you’ve had a fun week entering some great giveaways. It was fascinating to read your memories and thoughts on vintage sheets, sorry I’ve not got around to replying to you all I’ve been a little busy this week!

Before announcing the winner I thought I would share with you some of the sewing I’ve done this week, I’ve added to my vintage sheet blocks and they now look like this:

Vintage Sheet String Blocks (paper pieced)

Now I need to make a decision as to how big I want the finished top and how many more blocks to make!

On to the winner, RNG picked:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.19.59

Now I’ve had a problem with numbering the comments, so you can either take my word for it that number 33 is Janne or you can count for yourself!

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.20.15

So congratulations Janne, I’ll email you in a minute, I hope you enjoy sewing with your ‘new’ fabrics. If you’re disappointed that you didn’t win and still ‘need’ some strings head on over to my etsy shop now!

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A goal for May – #ALYoF

There’s been a bit of secret sewing going on this week but that’s finished so now I need to come up with a plan for the rest of the month. Now that the wedding quilt is finished I’m feeling a bit lost so need to focus and think about what’s next.

I could really do with promoting my etsy shop a bit more so with that in mind I’m setting myself a goal to stitch up a quilt top using fabrics from the shop. I have a few ideas in mind, I have a few blocks I’ve made in the past as testers that could become quilts:

Paper pieced string block

A string block that I made as a test for my month in the Siblings Together bee.  I made another with a solid through the middle and prefer that.  I have a very large bag full of strings that would work well for this.

Back in March on our sewing retreat I made a few retro flower petals, actually that’s not true, I made the parts of some petals!

the beginnings of a retro flower

I also want to make another plus quilt!  So whilst I’m undecided on which pattern I am setting myself the goal to have made a quilt top using vintage sheets by the end of May.  I’m also cooking up a plan for Sew Mama Sew giveaway day which is just a over a week away.

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Siblings Together April Block

Hadley is queen bee this month and chose a St Louis 16 patch using this tutorial.  It’s simple to make, I made 2 using 2 fqs in half an hour.  The fabric is a new line by Gina Martin for Moda called Sewing Box:

April block for #stqb x2

If you have a unused fat quarter bundle of fabric hanging around that you don’t know what to do with, you could quite quickly whip up a quilt with this block.  Then if you fancied you could donate it to Siblings Together, they would be delighted to receive more quilts to distribute at their summer camps.

Thanks very much again to all the sponsors who have made this bee possible:

And the generous folk at Lady Sew and Sew who supplied wadding for the quilts.
lady sew and sew
Please take time to think about any contribution you can make to help these children.

#ALYoF February – complete

At the beginning of February I set my goal to stitch 288 small flying geese and 72 large flying geese together into blocks!

It seemed like a huge task, bearing in mind that I had to decide upon a layout first!

My kitchen/dining room floor was just about big enough:

flying geese floor

That is not all of it!

Once I’d decided on a layout I gave up on the idea of just stitching them in to blocks and stitched them straight in to columns:

column 1

I struggled with the quilt top looking symmetrical, so changed the direction of some of the geese, it resulted in a heart or too:


So at the end of the month I have a completed quilt top, not the blocks I was aiming for but I’m quite happy to have surpassed my expectations!

quilt top

Now I have a plan for the back…

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A goal for February – #ALYoF

Life seems to be revolving around this quilt but it will get finished!

This month my goal is to get all the blocks made up.

This morning I sorted all the small flying geese into sets of 4.


Now they are sat in piles on my cutting table taunting me, begging to be stitched into blocks.  Once in blocks of 4 I will add a large flying geese block to the top so it looks like this:

Tule Flying geese block

So by the time I link up at the end of February I hope to have 72 blocks that look like that!

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Geese, flying everywhere

I started the month with this:

Tule by Leah Duncan for AGF

and 4.5 metres of Kona Snow with the goal to complete all the cutting for a quilt top.

My sewing space now contains this pile of flying geese, all trimmed, approximately 70 large and 224 small:


This pile awaiting trimming;


I’m hoping that this is the last lot that need stitching:


And a test block I made to make sure my plan was going to work!


So, yes I met my goal for the month, I won’t say it was tedious and boring but it’s been a struggle, more on that another day!

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A new baby (quilt)

Last summer I made a gorgeous (in my opinion) baby quilt as part of the Zakka sew along using the pattern from Patchwork Please. It had quite a boyish theme to it, I struggled writing that because I don’t think we should stereotype babies or children but I’m sure you get what I mean:

Books for baby finished quilt

Actually in my head it was really blue but obviously it’s not!

Anyway back in the summer some lovely friends of ours who were expecting a baby told us that they were expecting a girl, the mum is an English teacher and dad is a lover of books too so I decided I’d like to make the baby a Books for Baby quilt but of a more feminine version.

So on December 16; once some but not all the Christmas gifts had been made I did a fabric pull:

fabric pull

And quite quickly stitched up 12 book blocks.  Again I drew on my text charm swap pile and found a few gems in there to use:


I love this one:


I then picked out Alphabetti in coal by Lu Summers for the border around each block, I like how the letters fit in with the theme of the quilt and it worked much better than any of the other prints I had!

Deciding on sashing was much harder, I auditioned a few but as I’d already used quite a few solids in the blocks it was tricky finding a balance.  In the end I went for Aqua (Moda Bella solid) and I still like how it looks which is a good sign!  At the same time as choosing the sashing I chose the border (Round in Purple, Chelsea Collection – Windham Fabrics) and then my eldest daughter (9yrs) and Tobit independently both said I should use the Alphabetti again for the binding.

It was my last finish of 2014, hand stitching the binding on the sofa on New Years Eve it was finished an hour or so before midnight just a few hours after the baby arrived on her due date!


The label was stitched on a few days later when I knew the name and the quilt had been washed.

It’s backed with some Amy Butler prints from the Daisy Chain line:

Books for Baby Quilt - back

I like the bright and boldness of them not a hint of nursery prints.

Books for Baby Quilt

We invited the family over for Sunday lunch to meet the new arrival and gifted the quilt to them, I think it’s safe to say they like it!


I’m hoping that the big sister might be inspired to make up stories to go with each book to tell to her little sister as she grows.


So my final quilt finish of 2013 but there is still another one I need to blog about!

Quilt stats:
Pattern – Books for Baby quilt from Patchwork Please!
Fabrics – all from stash and scrap boxes (if you have a specific query on one please leave a comment below)
Binding – Alphabetti in Coal – Summersville by Lu Summers
Backing – a selection from Daisy Chain by Amy Butler
Wadding – Super-Soft 70/30 Eco-Blend by Sew Simple
Quilting – Outline around each book, around each block and in the ditch around the border
Size – Approx 38″ x 47″

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